Why wasn't the Data encrypted?

Lack of executive support? Lack of resources/funding? Lack of understanding of what is required?

Coding and Security

Hi, I’m Fahad and I enjoy cyber security, data analytics and customer experience.

I love sharing knowledge and engaging with the developer community at large.

I am passionate about computer literacy, security, coding and sharing knowledge. Therefore, I run a code club for kids at a local primary school.

Background and Interests

I have a Master’s Degree in Advanced Computer Science from Scotland’s No. 1 university, the University of St Andrews. I’m currently working for BT. I play cricket for Kinloch CC, love cooking, travelling, having a growth mindset and continuous development.

My main interests are: Predictive analytics, Data modelling, Data visualisation, Text and Journey analytics, Big Data, Forecasting, Service Optimisation, Business performance insights, Customer experience, Social listening, Cyber Security and privacy, Machine Learning, Containerisation using docker, Cloud computing, Kubernetes, Programming with R, Python, PHP, SQL/Oracle, JavaScript, Ajax.

Find out more on my high-level résumé:

" I love to use data analytics to improve quality of life and customer experience. "