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Welcome to my coding and security blog. I will share my knowledge and projects that I have been working on here. The main themes will be: R Programming, Cybersecurity, Privacy and anonymity. Feel free to write to me for any topic suggestions.

Hi, my name is Fahad Usman, and my mission is to help you with data analytics and customer experience. Checkout my blog where I share knowledge and meet like minded people. I am passionate about computer literacy, security and coding.

I have a Master’s Degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of St Andrews and currently working for BT. I run a code club at a local primary school for kids, love cricket, cooking and continuous development. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

My main interests are: Predictive analytics, Data modelling, Text and Journey analytics, Big Data, Forecasting, Service Optimisation, Business performance insights, customer experience, social listening, R, PHP, Python, SQL/Oracle, JavaScript, Ajax and data visualisation.

Recently fascinated by Computer Security and Penetration Testing and starting to document what I learn!

I’d love to find my next project – let’s talk!


Are you a professional data analyst or cyber expert? Please contact me via Linkedin.


I tweet about data analytics, text analytics and cyber security. You can connect to me on twitter by clicking the above twitter icon.


You can send me a secure email. My public PGP key can be found on the bottom of this page.

It's time to code

Join the global movement to create quality code. I run a code club at a local primary school to prepare the next generation of awesome coders! 

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