Mount Shared Network Drives in Kali Linux

Mounting FreeNas shared Drive in Kali Linux

Create a browsable folder of a network shared drive in 2 steps!

By Fahad Usman

The easiest way to share data between your host computer and the VM machine is to create a shared network folder. I have a Nas (Network attached storage) with a shared Folder named “Open Share”.

You can “mount” this in Kali linux by two simple steps.

Shared Folders allow you to share files and documents with selected users without having to use USBs!! When you share a folder with someone, they gain access to all of the documents and subfolders within the parent folder.”

Step 1:

Create a New Folder on the Desktop and name it FreeNas

Step 2:

Fire up the terminal and type:

mount //server_ip_address/Open\ Share /root/Desktop/FreeNas -o username=guest

Here I am specifying the username that will be used to connect to the FreeNas box.

That’s it!

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