Git stopped working after MacOS update

Here is how to fix Git after MacOS update

Fix Git and ssh keys issues after MacOS update

By Fahad Usman

I was working on an R Package hosted on GitHub and decided to update my Mac from HighSierra to macOS Mojave. It broke my GitHub! When you open up the terminal and type git. It wouldn’t find it! Here is what you need to do: press cmd + space and type Terminal and hit enter. Now type:
xcode-select --install
This will restore gitHub. There is another thing you need to fix in order to avoid keep entering your ssh keys when connecting with gitHub using ssh. Just create a new file (if it’s not already there) by:

vi ~/.ssh/config

and press "i" key and enable UseKeychain option by typing the following:
Host *
    UseKeychain yes
That’s it! you’re all set and continue to working with gitHub!

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