Best Fonts for RStudio, VSCode, PyCharm, or Any other IDE

Best Fonts with Ligatures

Beautify your IDE and start coding!!

By Fahad Usman

What are Ligature Fonts?

Ligature fonts map multiple characters to a single glyph, either for readability or just because it looks nice and beautiful. This only affects the rendering of the text with said font, while the distinct characters remain in the source.

“Good fonts add readability and generally looks wayy cooler to code!”

Two of my favourite fonts for coding are:

  • Fira Code — an extension of Fira Mono which really goes all out providing a wide range of ligatures for obscure Haskell operators, as well as the more standard set which will be used when writing R
  • Hasklig — a fork of Source Code Pro. This is better for R programming in my opinion and is more conservative with the ligatures it deals with.

Here is how Hasklig looks like when writing R code:

Which one do you like? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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